Difference between Romper, jumpsuit & oneise

Difference between Jumpsuit, Onesie & Romper

Many people get confused, sometimes, between a jumpsuit, a romper, and a onesie. If you have already typed both pieces of apparel and see that there is no visual difference, then here, you may find out what the difference really is.


Baby Jumpsuit

There are many ways to define what a jumpsuit is. It is mostly considered a one-piece type of clothing for babies. There are, however, other places where you can purchase a jumpsuit. Do you want to know where? Well, this type of apparel is also known as a one-piece garment, used by parachutists, as well as skiing professionals. So, by visiting a sports store, you are bound to find one, as well.



A onesie is sort of like synonymous with a jumpsuit. Apart from the fact that it is mainly known as one-piece clothing for infants. However, you might be aware that a onesie can fit the body of anyone. Mostly teenagers who follow modern trends wear it and consider it one of the most commonly known streetwear. You can also find a onesie as a loungewear jumpsuit for adults.


You may have heard of the term “romper”, as well. You could say that it is a type of jumpsuit or you could call it a special onesie. Either way is fine, just as long as you know that a romper consists of a shirt and shorts. You can see mostly girls, wearing that kind of clothing on the streets and on bars.

Have you finally picked what jumpsuit you want to buy for your little girl? Or perhaps you want to rock the fashion world with a unique onesie? Maybe you want to purchase a romper as a gift to your baby girl? Well, we will let you decide which one you like.

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