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8 Awesome Baby Photography Ideas to Try in 2020

Babies grow really fast. One moment they are so little and innocent, and the next moment they start walking and destroying your home. If you are a new parent, believe me, duties around your baby are now nothing compared to what’s coming after an year. Capturing your 1st moments of your baby on a photo is now easier than ever and most of the parents do this daily with their smartphones, but if you want to have something more professional and memorable, you will probably go to a photographer and get a pro photo shoot arranged. If your baby is too young to meet with other people, you can follow these ten tips from a previous article “10 Easy Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Baby Photo with Smartphone“.

Choosing the best topic for your baby’s photo shoot is probably the most common problem that parents are faced with. Here are some of the best baby photo shoots of 2019 that might inspire you or your photographer for the perfect photo session in 2020:

The sleeping puppy

This is a really lovely pose that’s very comfortable for your little baby. Whether you are a puppy fan or you just like the topic, this could be a great memorable photo. Like it?

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The Smiling Bunny

Capturing the smile of your baby on a photo is one of the best memories you can save and show off on a wall picture or keep in an album when he/she grows. There is probably nothing that cute on the earth than a smiling baby wearing a rabbit ears hoodie.

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The Cutest Dinosaur

Dino Baby Photo Shoot

I remember when I was young, we had an awesome dinosaurs encyclopedia and my mom was reading me all about dinosaurs again and again. If you are also such dino fan, this topic is the right for you.

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Lion by heart

Baby Lion Photo Shoot

If you are fan of horoscope and your baby is a Lion, this might be a good fit for your 1st baby photography. It looks awesome and it’s somehow directly related to your baby’s life.

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Cutest Bear Twins

Cute Twins Photo Shoot

For those of you who have twins, congrats! People say that there is only one stronger joy than having a baby – having 2 or more babies. Capturing their first moments can be really hard and tricky. Still this topic is really awesome. Photo shots like this one can melt anyone’s heart.

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Wrapped Little Princess

Baby Girl Photo Shoot

A classic baby photo pose is the wrapped baby. Combined with a hat and warm colors can get you some amazing results. For those who are worried to wrap their newborn babies, don’t be. Babies feel really safe and comfy.

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A gentleman baby

Baby Gentleman Photo Session

If you still don’t have ideas for the photo shoot and love retro, this could be your best choice, because retro is always trendy and being a gentleman is never going to get boring.

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Little Minnie Mouse

Minnie mouse baby photo shoot

Cute isn’t it? Who doesn’t love Minnie and Mickey? If you are out of ideas for outfit and topic, this is an evergreen one and you never get wrong with it.

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